mardi, août 07, 2007

The end.


Yesterday was the end.

It was a strange day.

The last weekend I was at so wonderful place. I enjoyed a lot.

I arrived at Distrito Federal so tired and so dizzy.

Yesterday was the end, because I realize: everybody hurts.

My mind begins to think because the work is less than other days. But, I know, next days I'll be work until two or three o'clock at the morning, but, I don't want to think right now because I don't want to feel anything.

The end has been arrived.

3 commentaires:

ChilliCoder a dit…

You really surprise me honey. This time I don't really understand the end of your post but hope its something good. In other case, you may cheer up the Revista-SL meeting for the next week end :)


Yaoteka a dit…

Y como dirían los de Nazareth:
"Love hurts"

sonny_taz a dit…


Cuándo hay junta? :P





Love and everybody hurts...

I totally agree avec toi!


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