mercredi, avril 25, 2007



Medio geekoso el título, pero creo que hubiese sido peor un:

irb>puts "todo";


En fin...

These day's really weren't good, I speak about those stuffs which make us feel dissapointed.

But, the lesson has been: I found all those which make me really happy.

Not for a moment.
Not for a while...

Really, really makes me happy.

Yeah, I know; you think I speak about a person, not, is not love. ;)

It's something more than love, I don't know if it's bigger than love, but, is not love. At least, not  for these days.

Well, my todo's are:

- Faith.
- Believe.
- Lead.
- Leave.
- Let.
- Ask for.

Maybe in the list I forgot  more than one, but, I want to begin with this:


** Faith **

2 commentaires:

Yaoteka a dit…

I sure have a lot of things to do, as well.

sonny_taz a dit…

Yaoteka: Wow!! Do you speak english???



Yeah! I'm sure, everybody has something to do...


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