dimanche, janvier 14, 2007

Chances are...


What are the chances?

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Juan Sebastián Elcano a dit…

no te preocupes por eso, total...

mejor escucha a goyeneche (el polaco, que le dicen).

¡y si es con pichuco, mejor!

Juan Sebastián Elcano a dit…

ah, sí: ¿linux es lo de las compus?

buenas noches rioplatenses, ceiba nuestra.

cineto a dit…

chances, by roxette:

There's a night
when you close your eyes
around a dream
that shines like the sun.
Everyone knows it's beautiful,
tell me why you want to dream it alone.

No darkness will get you,
no heart will desert you,
nothing can hurt you
or do you any harm.

Hear my call,
here and everywhere
I've been walking the streets in despair.
One more fire turns a shade of grey,
one more tear is lost in the rain.
Got to got you got to got to
take your chances on me,
like the river will lead
the water to the sea,
take on me,
take your chances on me.
Don't ever let it be.

sonny_taz a dit…

Juan Sebastián ElCano: ?????


Cineto: ='(

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